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Monday, May 21, 2018

Cara menggunakan Software ARCHICAD 2016

Cara Menggunakan Software ARCHICAD 2016
dan Tutorial Instalasinya

ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 was released on January 12, 2016. Based on the industry-leading Virtual Building technology of ARCHICAD 19, ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 introduces a wide array of modeling and productivity improvements focusing on the most requested customer wishes. ARCHICAD STAR(T) EDITION 2016 provides the full power of ARCHICAD 19’s BIM-based streamlined documentation workflow, allowing the model to stay live until the very end of the project: it helps keep architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible.
By extending its robust 64 & 32 bit and multi-processing technologies with Background Processing, an industry-first in BIM, ARCHICAD takes the next quantum leap in BIM Performance. As a result, ARCHICAD STAR(T) EDITION now offers lightning-fast response times, making it the undisputed speed leader in the BIM business, offering users a uniquely responsive, fluid work environment, saving a considerable amount of time and effort during their everyday tasks.

how to install :

  1. Download the software above open ARCHICAD 16 then select the folder ARCHICAD 16 64 BIT or ARCHICAD 16 32 BIT click AC16-INT32.EXE
  2. will appear user control, select yes to continue for Windows 7 & 8
  3. and follow the picture instructions below

             5. If it has successfully installed then the view as follows



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